Partnered Results

A key ingredient in the success of any executive search assignment is the relationship between the client and executive search consultant. We aim at maintaining effective communications with our clients, building rapport, trust and a constructive partnership that gets results.



The Planning Stage is often the most critical in the executive search process. As consultants, we take a proactive approach in setting up the foundations for success. As part of the overall process, this requires:


  1. Internal stakeholder contributions.
  2. Assessment of core skills and role performance requirements of the role.
  3. Corporate culture understanding.
  4. Ascertain a rigorous approach and timetable.


Candidate Identification

Our search methodology combines advanced technology tools and target recruiting. All information is researched, confidential and current. Our overall objective is to make sure that our clients are considering the most qualified candidates.


Candidate Evaluation

All of our associates are experts at approaching candidates professionally and courteously. They know how to assess for relevant experience and traits and how to screen-out inadequate experience or marginal interest and fit.


After performing an analysis of candidates, we meet with the client to discuss the short list recommendations. We also focus on the elements of pre-closing candidates on the appropriate career transitions and equitable compensation levels.


Candidate Submission and Interview Facilitation

The short list of candidates includes a comparative analysis of one candidate against the other based on the performance criteria, a documented analysis of each of the candidates’ strengths and opportunities.


Each submission of candidates also contains assessment techniques and tools to aid clients in their own assessment of short listed candidates. We are proactively involved in the overall facilitation of the interview process.


Final Hire

We obtain feedback from both the client and the candidate after each interview to ensure expectations are being managed on all issues. Upon completion of the full interview and assessment process, thorough formal references are completed with the option of a full psychological assessment. We are actively involved with helping negotiate a fair and equitable compensation package for all involved, and finally a successful closure.


Follow Up

Our search process does not end with the selection of a candidate. It ends when the match satisfactorily passes the test of time with a high performance candidate/client fit. As such, MTCG & Associates Inc. provides our client with a professional guarantee, upwards of up to one year (depending on the position), that further showcases our commitments to fit. We are committed to achieving long-term satisfaction because we are committed to building long-term relationships.

MTCG Process

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