MTCG Questions to Assess a Search Firm


Word of Mouth with business colleagues can be considered as an option alongside with asking the right questions in order to assess the fit of the search company to your needs. Themes to watch for and questions to ask amongst your peer group while directly assessing a search firm.


Business Peer Questions:


  1. How consultative was the search firm?
  2. Did they listen to your needs? How was the delivery process?
  3. Was the communications effective (written & verbal)?
  4. How was the quality of candidates?
  5. Was their choice optimal against the performance criteria?
  6. How timely was the search process?
  7. Did the search process end with a successful hire?
  8. Did you and your company experience added value by the search firm? What was it?
  9. Would you rehire the same search firm?
  10. Who exactly conducted the assignment?
  11. Overall, has the search firm had a consistent successful track record in a particular functional area of recruitment? To what extent?
  12. Number of relevant assignments in a particular functional area? Any sector conflicts?
  13. Is the search firm committed to quality industry/candidate research endeavours?
  14. Is the consultant proactive, bright and have an understanding of my needs?